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For Athletes

For Companies

How it works

If you are an athlete or you just love sports and are unsure how to capitalize on it, come to us.

We've got two options:

1. Athlete Identity.

 It is for you if:

- you want to capitalize on your love of sports

- you want to get clarity on how exactly do you want to earn money

- you want to determine a direction 

- you want to pin your perfect destination

- you want to identify necessary steps for maximum benefit 

- you want to have freedom in where you work and who you work with

- you want to have leverage in business negotiations and pay

After completion of the program you've got two choices:

a) Move on to our Athlete Business Collective and thrive in a driven environment.

b) You venture out on your own and we put you on our roster, that we present to companies and organizations who are looking for talent, either in the employee capacity or complimentary business partnerships and collaborations.

We charge no commission for endorsements.

Companies pay no recruitment fee.

2. Athlete's Business Collective 

It is for you if 

- You already have proof of concept

- You want to ask questions and get answers from people who just recently have been in your shoes and can give an invaluable perspective based on real experience.

- You want to find collaborations that elevate your business and theirs.

- You want to avoid common mistakes in your chosen path

- You want to navigate challenges with people who have already been through this 

How it works

We know how difficult it can be to find great talent, that would help your business grow, instead of dragging it down.

We feel you, that's why we offer you talent, that we can vouch for.

To make it even easier for your business to grow, we only charge admin fee and no recruitment fee.

Get in touch with us today, to see if we have available talent for what you need.

We are here to see you succeed!

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