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How it works

Providing Resources for Retired Athletes to Make a Lasting Impact


Our Impact Venture Package is designed to help retired athletes create a sustainable social venture that addresses pressing community needs. Here's a step-by-step guide on how our program works:


Step 1: Identifying Community Challenges


We work with retired athletes to identify their meaningful areas of interest/concern, then we look at the pressing issues in that area.  Supporting young people, promoting health and wellness, improving education and job opportunities, and developing community infrastructure are some of the areas where athletes might look into.


Step 2: Building a Sustainable Venture


Our program provides the support and resources needed to develop a social enterprise that makes a positive difference in the community, creating a lasting impact that extends beyond their athletic career.


Step 3: Expert Support and Guidance


We  provide:


- Mentorship and guidance

- Access to potential funding opportunities and impact investors

- Blueprint for structure building

- Ongoing support to ensure success


Step 4: Leaving a Lasting Legacy


By participating in our program, retired athletes can:


- Create a legacy that inspires future generations to make a positive difference

- Be recognized as leaders and role models in their community

- Make a lasting impact that continues to benefit the community long after their athletic career has ended


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